St Patricks Weekend

Slemish Market Supper Club with Chef Rob Curley

At Follow Coffee Ballymena on Friday 13th March 2020

Ballymena Coconut

Poiteen / Bramley Apple

Shaped by Sea & Stone

Oyster / Stout / Plankton / Caviar / Horseradish / Milk

There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Spice bag turnip cigar / Onion ash / Cajun bell chilli

To Taste Right, Salmon Must Swim 3 Times – in Water, in Butter & in Wine

Glenarm salmon / Beetroot / Lumper potato / Milk vinaigrette / Elderberry capers

There’s a Pot of Gold at the Rainbow’s End

Glenarm lamb breast & rack / Braised carrot / Pot of gold

It’ll Keep Ye Goin’ till Yer Dinner!

Gurrier’s cake / Buttermilk ice cream / Buttermilk caramel

A Gurrier in Ireland was a young trouble - maker / rogue. Gurrier’s (Gur) cake used to be the cheapest cake you could buy. People bought it to keep them going for the day – it was produced to use up all the leftovers from the previous day’s bakery (bread, pastry, cake crumb, tea, sugar, eggs etc)